CBD for the skin

The skin has to be able to put a lot of things into everyday life. It is usually unprotected from the natural weather conditions and therefore has a lot to do. Skin diseases such as neurodermatitis or psoriasis are also common. A healthy and well-groomed skin is precious and requires a certain care. Often, cortisone and the like are accessed for complaints and many normal toiletries fail. This is where CBD offers an effective alternative

Why CBD ?
In general, the CBD has been shown to be used against many diseases and ailments. Many skin diseases are the result of inflammation and can therefore be treated very effectively with CBD. Studies have shown that CBD is anti-inflammatory and analgesic. There are various CBD formulas that can have an external and internal effect. On the positive side, taking CBD strengthens the immune system, which in turn fights diseases and ailments.

CBD creams for daily care:
CBD creams are great for daily skin care. CBD is a natural product and therefore very digestible for the body. CBD creams moisturize and provide the skin with important vitamins and nutrients. The creams penetrate deep into the skin layers and help the skin to relax and regenerate. All in all, CBD is a wonderful natural alternative to traditional drugstore products and is ideal for skin care.

Are CBD creams legal?
Although CBD is derived from cannabis, it is not psychoactive and therefore completely legal. For the extraction of CBD, own plants with a high CBD content are grown. These plants contain only a very small amount of THC. Thus, these products are legal throughout the EU.